Turnip Cake

It’s Chinese New Year, or as we say “Xin Nian Kaui Le” / 新年快樂!! For my last Chinese New Year I did some speeches in Glasgow but this year I neither planned to do speeches or really cook a lot of food as I’m 33 weeks

Salmon Rice Noodle Soup

When I lived in Taipei there was a particular Taiwanese rice noodle soup which I really loved called “Swordfish Rice Noodle Soup”. Whenever my parents and I went out for

Lion Head Meatballs

(獅子頭) Lion head is a famous dish in Chinese cuisine. It originates from Eastern China and the history of this dish goes back to the Sui Dynasty. Emperor Yang of Sui brought his queens had take a boat trip to

Strawberry Almond Tofu Dessert

In the last week my life has changed so much and hopefully for the better. As you know I’ve been working as a chef for a few years but as well as cooking one of my other passions is

Chorizo Focaccia Recipe

So it’s just two days until my holiday and I’m so excited about going travelling again. Sadly we don’t have time to go for long but we’re spending 10 days in Taipei then 4 days in Bali. I’ve never been to Bali but I’m super excited