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Yes Sushi Restaurant Review

Yes Sushi is one of a few restaurants that Chris and I really like to go to when we want to eat out. We always go there for all you can eat hot pot and sushi and while I don’t think it’s the best hotpot and sushi in Edinburgh but for the price we paid I think it’s fair. The food is about 7.5 out of 10. We simply like go there to dine because of the combination of price, the location and that we can eat both hotpot and sushi.

If you go to yes sushi do try the sushi but make sure you don’t order either the duck or pork sushi’s, they really aren’t good (at least for my taste). Other sushi is fine although the best sushi in Edinburgh is still Kanpai. Another thing about Yes Sushi is you can’t pay by card for the hotpot. This wasn’t clear the first time we went so we had the annoyance of having to run outside to find a cash point. All you can eat hot pot and sushi, minus drinks, is £17.99 per person. The ingredients they use for the hot pot are fresh and clean and it’s a relaxing price to have some food that really warms you up inside. This is exactly what you want to eat during the Scottish winter and that’s why we like to go there and have a couple hours of chatting, laughing, relaxing and eating hot pot and sushi until we’re ready to explode.

Another thing worth mentioning is the service at Yes Sushi. The first time we went there we took Amelia and the service was great. The staff were friendly, they made a fuss of Amelia, they refilled the broth in our hotpot without asking them to do so and it was a great experience. 10 out 10, 5 stars, great!

The most recent visit I would have given their customer service a minus 10 if I could. No matter whether I go to an English, Scottish, Chinese or whatever restaurant in the UK I always speak English. There are two reasons for this. One is as a courtesy to other guests. I’m in an English speaking country so I speak English. Another is a lot of Chinese restaurants are actually run by people from Hong Kong and I don’t speak Cantonese. This most recent visit which was actually today I caught one of the waiting staff red handed complaining about me in Chinese to her colleagues.

Maybe she thought I’m “British Born Chinese” and can’t speak Chinese but regardless it’s absolutely unacceptable for waiting staff to complain about their customers out loud.  I shouted back at that member of staff who looked completely shocked for a moment then said “oh I’m joking”.

So to summarise Yes Sushi. The hot pot by UK/Edinburgh standards is really good. The sushi is lower side of average but the customer service (at least recently) absolutely sucks.

Yes Sushi Edinburgh Restaurant ReviewYes Sushi Restaurant Edinburgh DecorYes Sushi Restaurant Fish selectionYes Sushi Edinburgh Meat SelectionYes Sushi Restaurant Edinburgh Hot PotYes Sushi Edinburgh SushiYours trulyHow to eat hotpotYes Sushi Restaurant Edinburgh MenuYes Sushi Restaurant Edinburgh Menu

Holyrood 9A Restaurant Review

Most people think of junk food as things like KFC, curries, chinese takeaway and burgers but I had a real craving (pregnant ladies will understand this!) for burgers one day and we were recommended to go to this fabulous little bar, Holyrood 9A, in Edinburgh that sells a variety of burgers, sandwiches, steaks and more. Ok I know burgers sound like junk food but the burgers here are actually really good and not your typical greasy burger.

We ordered two burgers, a Pioneer Burger (for Chris) and I ordered a Chicken Italienne Burger. As you can see from the photos they have really fresh bread and put a LOT of fresh vegetables in the burgers. My burger especially had lean but juicy chicken breast, baby gem lettuce, rocket and fresh tomatoes.

Everything is beatifully cooked, the price is really fair and their chips are awesome (really crunchy). The tastiest thing though (another hunger craving) is the garlic mayonnaise. I also really liked the service there. I asked if the cheese and mayo were prepared with unpasteurised ingredients (milk/eggs) and the service lady checked this for me. Hollyrood 9A in conclusion is fairly cheap, the food is absolutely delicious and it really cured that day’s pregnancy craving. Excellent!

The Pioneer Burger

6oz burger, sauteed rosemary scented wild mushrooms
Crispy bacon
Swiss cheese
Garlic Mayo
Crunch chips

Chicken Italienne Burger

Grilled chicken breast
Sun Blazed Tomato
Buffalo Mozzarella
Pesto Mayo
Baby Gem Lettuce
Crunch Chips

In total we spent £26 and that included two really large burgers, crunchy chips and four drinks; 1 milkshake (which was really good), 1 coke and 2 sprites.

Check out Holyrood 9A restaurant here

Find Holyrood 9A here

Longhorn 96 Steakhouse Restaurant

This blog post is all about one of my favourite restaurants in Taiwan, Longhorn 96 Steakhouse Restaurant. I love a good steak just as much as anyone else. One of my favourite things to eat regularly is a really good rib eye. I love the taste of the juicy fat and for me it’s one of the tastiest cuts of beef.

One of our good friends in Edinburgh has been raving about a steakhouse in East Kilbride that sells at 32-ounce steak. This is pretty big but for a few months my parents have been talking about a steakhouse in the north of Taiwan that sells a 96-ounce steak. This is huge! For any weight fanatics out there 96-ounces works out at 2.5kg.

48 ounce steak!!!

On our last full day in Taiwan my family and I visited the graveyard of my grandfather (my dad’s father) on the north side of Yangmingshan Mountain. We had an interesting drive to the graveyard as Taipei itself had nice weather but the top of Yangmingshan, which measures over 1000 metres high, was covered in thick fog.

We also saw a procession of Ferrari’s driving past us on the mountain. I know nothing about Ferrari’s, apart from they look good in red and they’re expensive, but Chris said he saw quite a few F355’s, a 458 Italia, a few 480 Modena’s and one of the new California’s. Nice!

After visiting the graveyard we went straight to Longhorn Steakhouse. Longhorn Steakhouse was started by an American who married a Taiwanese lady. The couple have since divorced and he has now started a new restaurant but Longhorn Steakhouse remains. The steakhouse itself doesn’t look exciting. We sat on park benches that were covered with giant umbrellas. Not the prettiest but who cares when the food is really good.

Longhorn 96’s website can be found here: The website can be viewed in both Chinese and English and make sure you check the bottom of the menu, it’s quite funny.

Note: Make sure you click on each photo for a much larger version.

Giant steak menu

Other steaks and options

96 ounce steak challenge

We ordered drinks and several plates of chips with chili bean and cheese dips. We also ordered a cesar salad but the pièce de résistance was the steak. Longhorn Steakhouse does serve a 96 ounce steak but although Chris said he could have eaten it (he didn’t eat much for a few days as he had heatstroke) I won’t allow him to eat a steak that size as quite frankly a 2.5kg can kill people.

My hand and 48 ounce steak! How huge is that steak!

We ordered our steak medium-rare (it came more on the rare side) and it was really good. In hindsight we probably should have had it in medium but it was really tasty and was sold at a really excellent price. The 48 ounce steak if I remember correctly was £25 while the 96 ounce steak was about £40-45. Not bad at all! As a reference 16 ounce steak in the UK can cost £15-25 depending on where you go but it’s no better quality.

Taiwanese fish and chips. Super tasty!

Longhorn 96 restaurant sign

Longhorn 96 restaurant entrance

Modern Toilet Taipei Restaurant Review

Ximending for young people is one of the coolest parts of Taipei. It is one of the many local districts within Taipei but has a number of fashionable shops but also lots of restaurants.

There’s a whole array of restaurants in Ximending but one restaurant which we didn’t know existed when Chris and I visited Taipei together for the first time is called Modern Toilet. Modern Toilet has a unique gimmick in that the whole restaurant is style liked a toilet. You sit on a toilet when you eat your food, you eat out of plastic toilets and you also drink out of plastic tubes that are shaped like the tubes men pee into in hospital.

They serve all kinds of food from curries to seafood hotpots and all kinds of other dishes in between. I’ve included pictures of the menu below for you to have a look through. They also do desserts that look like, as Chris calls it “swirly dog poops” lol.

Modern Toilet is fairly difficult to find. We tried following google maps which wasn’t a great help and we had to ask local shop keepers where to go. Once we arrived at Modern Toilet I had a seafood hotpot and Chris had a curry. Chris’s curry was so so, not very tasty and it wasn’t spicy at all but my hotpot was ok. Some of the fish was quite tasty but certainly this restaurant is all about the gimmick and not the food.

I’ll definitely give this restaurant 5 out of 5 for style, it’s hilarious and the staff were attentive and the food was served really quickly (as is normal in Taipei). They also sell a number of items like plastic toilets and they gave us the drink pots to bring home free of charge.

Swensens Taipei Restaurant Review

There are many things I really like about the UK but some things that really annoy me. The first things that really annoys me is the NHS, it’s useless! The second is eating out. Most shops are open until around 6pm, some 8pm, and the same goes for restaurants. Restaurants close at 11pm and reopen for lunchtime the next time.

One of the best things about Taipei is that there is always something to do / somewhere to eat 24 hours a day and the quality of the food is always really good. When I was younger I used to enjoy clubbing and when we would leave clubs at 4am we would go to a restaurant and grab some food.

One of my favourite 24 hour restaurants is Swensens. Swensens is located at 106 Taiwan Taipei City Daan District Section 4, RénÀi Road 109號 and they serve delicious American food 24 hours a day.

The first time Chris and I visited Taipei together I took him to Swensens for breakfast. Swensens is a chain of American restaurants serving the usual array of American food; burgers, steaks, ribs etc. He ordered an English breakfast, which he really enjoyed but he was bemused when my father ordered a burger. He said “burger? for breakfast?” expecting a tiny little burger but the burger was the size of a plate. It was huge. He had a couple bites and vowed next time we came to Taipei together he would order a burger for breakfast.

Two years later we returned to Taipei and went to Swensens at 5am where he ordered a burger and I ordered a steak. I also ordered soup and a smoothie. Chris ordered a cookies and cream ice cream drink.

Everything was really good. The burger was delicious, the cheese was tasty, the bacon crispy and the burger was cooked perfectly. Same with my steak, it was cooked exactly how I like it and was covered with garlic butter and came with the usual assortment of chips/salad.

Chris absolutely loved his drink and I really enjoyed my smoothie. Everything cost about £30.

This is the thing that annoys me. Yes you can buy food at the UK from 6am/7am but it’s always the same assortment of bacon and egg sandwiches or greasy spoon food. Don’t get me wrong, I love greasy spoon food sometimes but Taipei has so many places like Swensens, where you can walk in 24 hours a day and eat really delicious food.

Pumpkin soup

Cookies and cream milkshake and smoothie at Swensons

5am burger at Swensons. This was really delicious

5am steak covered in garlic butter at Swensens. Awesome!

Close up of that delicious steak

Swensens Taipei menu

Swensens Taipei menu

Swensens Taipei menu

Swensens Taipei menu

Swensens Taipei menu


Kao Chi Taipei Restaurant Review

Kao Chi Taipei Restaurant Review. The first time I brought Chris to Taiwan we didn’t go to any Taiwanese restaurants. Sure, we went to quite a few night markets which of course sell Taiwanese food but night market food is different to restaurant food.

Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

For example, in a night market, you might buy a bowl of rice covered with slow cooked mince or you might buy a bowl of beef noodle soup. The night markets have a huge variety of food but it’s not restaurant food.

This time when we went back I wanted to take him to some more restaurants. We first of all went to a Shanghainese restaurant where we ate delicious dumplings amongst other things (this restaurant is mentioned elsewhere on this blog). I also wanted to take him to a famous restaurant called Din Tai Fung but it’s always really busy and it’s not necessarily any better than some other Taiwanese restaurants.

So, a couple days before we came home I took him to Kao Chi. Kao Chi’s website can be found here: but as a warning it’s entirely in Chinese. Kao Chi is one of my very favourite restaurants and if you eat there you’ll know why.

We went with my parents and my grandmother and ordered quite a lot of dishes. We started off with sweet and sour pork ribs, which Chris quickly devoured, and then in usual Eastern fashion they brought most of our dishes to the table at once. We had a delicious cooked rice dish which I made on 28th April (this recipe can be found here: We also had Wuxi Ribs, which if you follow this site you’ll remember I cooked before.

Cooked Rice Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Wuxi Ribs Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

The Wuxi Ribs were phenomenal. In terms of seasoning they’re quite similar to how I cooked them but the meat was very different. Ribs in the UK tend to be mostly bone with a little bit of meat but the ribs in Taiwan are some bone and mostly meat.

We also had one dish with a kind of jellyfish wrapped in pork belly. Incredibly tasty. Chris actually thought the pork belly was bacon but they cut the pork belly so fine it does look like bacon but tastes a lot better. I’m hoping to have a go at making this dish, minus the jellyfish as they can’t be bought in the UK, providing I can find a butcher that can slice pork belly thin enough.

Sliced Boiled Pork with Garlic Sauce Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

We also ate really delicious shenjingbao, a large fish dish and a pork dish which came with garlic soy sauce. Below are the photos from the food we have but trust me everything is really delicious.

Shenjiangbao Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Fish Dish Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Tzung Tzu Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Deep Fried Pork Chop Kao Chi Restaurant

Rice Eel Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Drunken Chicken Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei

Steamed Crab Meat and Pork Dumplings Kao Chi Restaurant Taipei