Longhorn 96 Steakhouse Restaurant

This blog post is all about one of my favourite restaurants in Taiwan, Longhorn 96 Steakhouse Restaurant. I love a good steak just as much as anyone else. One of my favourite things to eat regularly is a really good rib eye. I love the taste of the juicy fat and for me it’s one of the tastiest cuts of beef.

One of our good friends in Edinburgh has been raving about a steakhouse in East Kilbride that sells at 32-ounce steak. This is pretty big but for a few months my parents have been talking about a steakhouse in the north of Taiwan that sells a 96-ounce steak. This is huge! For any weight fanatics out there 96-ounces works out at 2.5kg.

48 ounce steak!!!

On our last full day in Taiwan my family and I visited the graveyard of my grandfather (my dad’s father) on the north side of Yangmingshan Mountain. We had an interesting drive to the graveyard as Taipei itself had nice weather but the top of Yangmingshan, which measures over 1000 metres high, was covered in thick fog.

We also saw a procession of Ferrari’s driving past us on the mountain. I know nothing about Ferrari’s, apart from they look good in red and they’re expensive, but Chris said he saw quite a few F355’s, a 458 Italia, a few 480 Modena’s and one of the new California’s. Nice!

After visiting the graveyard we went straight to Longhorn Steakhouse. Longhorn Steakhouse was started by an American who married a Taiwanese lady. The couple have since divorced and he has now started a new restaurant but Longhorn Steakhouse remains. The steakhouse itself doesn’t look exciting. We sat on park benches that were covered with giant umbrellas. Not the prettiest but who cares when the food is really good.

Longhorn 96’s website can be found here: http://www.longhorn96.com/. The website can be viewed in both Chinese and English and make sure you check the bottom of the menu, it’s quite funny.

Note: Make sure you click on each photo for a much larger version.

Giant steak menu

Other steaks and options

96 ounce steak challenge

We ordered drinks and several plates of chips with chili bean and cheese dips. We also ordered a cesar salad but the pièce de résistance was the steak. Longhorn Steakhouse does serve a 96 ounce steak but although Chris said he could have eaten it (he didn’t eat much for a few days as he had heatstroke) I won’t allow him to eat a steak that size as quite frankly a 2.5kg can kill people.

My hand and 48 ounce steak! How huge is that steak!

We ordered our steak medium-rare (it came more on the rare side) and it was really good. In hindsight we probably should have had it in medium but it was really tasty and was sold at a really excellent price. The 48 ounce steak if I remember correctly was £25 while the 96 ounce steak was about £40-45. Not bad at all! As a reference 16 ounce steak in the UK can cost £15-25 depending on where you go but it’s no better quality.

Taiwanese fish and chips. Super tasty!

Longhorn 96 restaurant sign

Longhorn 96 restaurant entrance