One of the things that upset me the most when I moved to the UK was leaving my beloved Mimi (my cat) back in Taipei. I love cats and just a few days after we moved to Edinburgh we found a little pet shop, which has now closed, that was selling kittens.

He was desperately young, maybe 4 weeks or so but he was completely ridden with fleas and quite ill for the first week or so after we took him home (At one point we were worried he might die but he eventually picked up and is still with us today).

Instantly both Chris and I fell in love with this little cat and we named him Popo. Popo can be desperately affectionate but he can also be a major pain in the ass. We affectionately call him “beast” and “monster” for some of the things he does (jumping up doors, shredding paper, attacking our feet while we sleep etc etc) but sometimes it’s hard to be angry with him when he’s as cute as he can be.

Take the picture below where he’s lying on his side. He literally jumped up towards the toilet roll holder in the bathroom and shredded a whole toilet roll then when we caught him he just lay there pretending it wasn’t him. So cute!