Recent things

So for the last month I haven’t updated my website. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned cooking but I’ve had loads of things going on.

Firstly, and most importantly, I’m pregnant!!! I’m just 9 weeks along but both Chris and I are exceptionally happy. One big problem I have right now is morning sickness, and this is one of the reasons I haven’t been cooking. Some days I’m ok, some I look like I was in the Exorcist, but right now I just can’t stand cooking at home. Chris has been begging for my food but every cook has their own way of seasoning food and for my food doesn’t agree with me. (I also can’t stand most Western foods and even a lot of normal Eastern foods I eat (like dumplings and instant noodles) don’t sit well.

I have my first scan in three weeks time and you can be sure, providing everything is ok, I’ll put pictures of the scan on this blog.

Another thing that happened is a scratched my eyeball. I was off work sick for a couple days and the first day back, within a couple of hours, my eye was hurting and it swelled up. One of the restaurant managers took a look at me and told me to go to hospital. I went to the Royal Infirmary then the Eye Clinic on Lauriston Place and they said I had a long abrasion on my cornea, caused by wearing contact lenses.

Just to confirm, eyeball scratches really suck!

So that’s it for now really, I’m off to college in a couple weeks and I’m just waiting a couple more weeks for my morning sickness to pass and then once it has passed I’ll start cooking again. I’ve got loads of new ideas for recipes and with going to college I should hopefully have a lot more time to cook.