Big Breasts Food – Green Papaya with Pork Rib Soup

So recently I haven’t updated my blog and for a really good reason. I broke a finger and more specifically my ring finger. Recently at work we’ve been really busy at work and a few people have called in sick so we’ve been super busy and I was at work one day in a rush and I banged my ring finger on a fridge door. My finger was bleeding a bit but really swelled up so I was worried I damaged the tendons in my finger.

Chris especially but also myself are the kind of people where if it hurts on the day we kind of leave injuries but if it’s still hurting two weeks later we seek medical advice. So the one weekend Chris hired a car and drove me to hospital where they x-rayed it and found I broke my finger. I got seen to fairly quickly but as usual the NHS didn’t want to do anything apart from give me a tiny piece of tape to tape my fingers together for a day or two.

Two weeks later we went back to hospital where we had a really long wait (this is very normal for the NHS) and I was told my the doctor I would have to live with a “wonky” finger (the tip of my ring finger isn’t straight). The doctor then said “you will never be a hand model” and builders have loads of wonky fingers. Hello! I’m a woman! Not a builder! Thanks!

They also didn’t give me any painkillers. In Taiwan you get sympathetic treatment all the time and the doctor will give you painkillers if you need them. Essentially our health care system is more humane. Doctors in Taiwan also aren’t sarcastic. They treat you effectively and compassionately.

The day I broke my finger, note the swelling

This is NHS treatment for a broken finger. No splint, no surgery, just tape. I love paying National Insurance!

You can see how bent my finger is now

This is acceptable according to the NHS in the UK. Note burns on my hands

Anyway, on with a recipe…

Green Papaya with Pork Rib Soup

A long time ago Taiwanese people were crazy about this soup. In Taiwan we believe green papaya will help young women grow larger breasts so as you can imagine loads of young girls ate green papaya thinking it will grow them big breasts so they will have a more beautiful curved body. Boys as you can imagine encouraged girls to eat green papaya so they would have bigger breasts to admire lol.

I tried eating this myself to see if I can enhance my boobs but I think I’ve grown too old for this to work, shame! But no matter if this grow big breasts or not soup is very important for one’s daily diet as it helps our bodies to hydrate and clean it.



1 small sized green papaya (available in Chinese supermarkets)
400g of pork ribs, diced
2 small sized pieces of fresh ginger
1 small sized carrot for garnish
Water for covering the ingredients while cooking



  1. Boil a pot of water and blanch the pork ribs. This will clean the ribs and remove any dirt from the bones. You’ll see the excess dirt, for example blood, float on top of the water. Once you see this wash the ribs under cold water.
  2. Put the ribs back into the pot along with the ginger and around 2 litres of cold water and boil it. Once it reaches the boil reduce heat and simmer for 1.5 hours.
  3. Peel and remove the seeds from the green papaya. Dice the papaya and for the carrots you can use a ring cutter to cut it into a flower shape (if you wish to do so).
  4. Put the papaya into the pot and cook with the ribs until the papaya has softened. Season the soup with salt and white pepper powder. Once the papaya is soft this dish is ready to serve.


Time to make: 2 hours
Serves:               4 people

Credit: All photos were taken by Chris at:


  1. Vietnamese people also eat this dish! I have never heard that it would make my breasts grow, but perhaps it is true. As a child, this was my sister’s favorite soup and she ate it all the time! No wonder her breasts are large…=P

    • Hi Jessica,
      So I guess green papaya really can make your breasts grow but probably have to eat very often from young age. :( Eh~I’m too old for that. Shame! lol

  2. I think I’m too old for this soup, too! LOL! Sorry to hear about your wonky hand. But I suppose now you have a funny story to tell! : )

  3. I am so sorry to see what they did to your hand, I see we have the same burns too, it kind of goes with the territory!
    Your soup looks delicious, and you are perfect the way you are, no enhancement needed!

    hope your hand is at least feeling better!

  4. I was told to boil this soup for my sister as it stimulates production of milk for breast-feeding mom. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. how old is old?im 18.can i try

  6. Is 21 yes of age “too old” for this to work?

  7. This soup works, like it WORKS. My mother made me drink this when I was 6-10 years old and I’m 16, with a 34D. I’m also really short, 4’11. My mother told me that I wouldn’t regret it but I do, I seriously do, I dislike my breasts so much. Thanks so much mom. -_- Sorry I had to vent lol

    • Hi Rachel,
      What can I say except LOL. I’m totally jealous that you have an awesome mom and also jealous of your big breasts.

  8. Hi ,

    Is this soup only meant for females ….???? :p

    Can men also drink this for health benefits…???? :)

    Thank you.

    • Hi Constance,

      Well I can’t really tell you if this soup is great remedy because I have never had any medical training. But I suppose drink lots soup, liquid and eat lots vegetable will do a lots good for you. :)



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