Honey Cake Chinese Desert

Honey Cake is a dessert that we usually give to our families when there is a new born member of the family.

We will host a part for our family and friends to celebrate the one month birth of the baby and we call this party “Man-yue-jiu”. Usually the family will prepare boiled eggs which are dyed red as well as prepare savoury sticky rice and this honey cake as gifts to friends and family who attend the party as a thank you to them joining us.

I personally think this is a great tradition. When I have children I want to do the same thing. Of course if you want to eat honey cake and you don’t have friends or family you can still buy this cake in some bakeries in Taiwan.

In this recipe I added some black sesame and almonds for a modern twist. This is of course

completely optional. If you don’t like either black sesame or almonds you can leave them out.

Time to make dish: 1 hour



3 whole eggs
100g brown sugar
50g custard sugar
150g honey
200g vegetable oil
200g plain flour
50g ground almonds
15g black sesame
2.5 teaspoon baking powder
Few drops vanilla extract


  1. Add eggs, sugar, honey and oil to mixer and beat until everything has dissolved. The mixture should be a light creamy colour.
  2. Sift flour and baking powder into the mixture from step 1. Add vanilla extract, almond and sesame into the mixture and mix everything evenly.
  3. Put a couple sheets of baking paper into a square baking tray (20cm x 20cm x 3 cm) and pour the cake mixture into it. Set the oven at 150C and bake for around 35 minutes..


Credit: These photos were taken by Chris at: http://www.chrisradleyphotography.com


  1. 太厲害啦~連蛋糕也會做耶~

  2. What a great recipe! It looks awesome…I can’t wait to try it.

    • Hi, thank you for your kind comment. Hope you have fun making it if you do and hope you can give me some tips on baking as I’m not a baker at all

  3. This sounds delicious. Mild flavors–I wouldn’t mind the sesame seeds and almonds at all. Beautiful!

    • Hi Jean, thank you for your comment. This honey cake is not very sweet but the sesame and almonds give it a nice subtle flavour. Hope you can have a go at making it.

  4. Hi Liv, the cake looks wonderful and I’m sure they taste awesome. I would love to make them and I will not omit the almonds and sesame seeds.

    • Hi Madin, thank you for your kind comment. Have a go at making this cake if you can. If I can make it anyone can make it lol

  5. That looks wonderful. Hopefully I could find all the ingredients here.

    • Hi Joy, thanks for your comment. You should be able to find the ingredients in most markets/supermarkets, they’re pretty common except black sesame. I had some problems finding the black sesame here in the UK but you don’t have to use it, you can replace it with other nuts.

  6. I think I’ve tried a red boiled egg and savory sticky rice but I don’t think I’ve tried honey cake. Wow this is a dessert to welcome a newborn!? That is so cool! A newborn is sweet little thing to a family like this honey cake!

    • Hi Tanantha, I really like these kind of traditions. In Taiwan we love to celebrate events with great food and great drink.

  7. HI LIV
    sounds like a great cake! I like the sesame seeds in them, what a nice compliment to the almonds!!

    • Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for your message. It’s definitely a tasty cake but I have to admit this is about as far as my baking goes. Sadly I’m a bit useless at it lol

  8. Sounds great, and loved the bit of backgound here:)

    • Hi, thanks. I hope to keep the tradition of eating honey cake when children in the future

  9. CAKE!!!! Winnie the Pooh would love this one.

    • I think so too. Winnie is the biggest fan of honey.

  10. Oh this sounds so so good! We are big honey eaters in my house, and anything honey is a must try. No I will ask you if I can come for dinner and dessert too of course:)

    • lol Nancy,
      Thank you very much for your kind comment. You’re always welcome to come to my home for dinner and dessert!


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